Promises Car Transport Companies Usually Say But Aren’t True

car relocation in australia

What some bad car relocation in Australia companies promise that they don’t really intend to do?

Businesses usually give promises to potential clients to attract them, but it depends on them if they will take their word and make them happen. Unfortunately, not all companies are good. They make use of promises to trap customers of which some fail to notice, ending up tied to it. Verbal promises may sound too good to be true, but be wary of some for you may become a victim of car transporting scam.

But what are the usual promises car relocation in Australia companies say?

Low Rates

Some car transport service providers offer the lowest of rates, of which is very suspicious, especially that such service is very crucial. If it happens you’ll meet this kind of scenario, ask the company about it. Quality should not be compromised and that safety must be thought as a high-priority, reflecting the rate of service.

Short Delivery Duration

In other cases, companies promise to pick up a customer’s car without having an agreed contract. They will contact you through a phone call to pick up and deliver your car which can be translated into a short delivery duration service. The downside to this is that without a contract, the provider can decide to gather enough cars to fit in transporting trucks legally leaving your need for car moving.

Cancellation Fees

Sometimes, car moving companies state that there will be no cancellation fees for hiring them. But then, even if they don’t pick up your car, you are still charged the fee.

Fully Insured

There may be companies that actually offer fully insured service, however, not all are true to their word. Might as well get a written contract from the provider and carefully read what was contained in the terms and conditions.

Long Years in Business

The most common promise car transport companies say and are even included in the content of their business website. They will proudly say that they’ve been in the car transporting business for long years, however, they stayed long but have changed names or ownership every year or two, with some having as five different trade names already. It would be best for you to find out how long a business has been in providing such services by their federal license number.

Delivery Dates

When considering a prospect car relocation in Australia company, ask for the pick-up and delivery times and be sceptical about it. Note them down and monitor if the service is performed as said on the promised dates. If the pickup was done, the provider should give you the precise date of delivery.

Do you know what can be a great help for you? Ask for a written contract and read it entirely to understand the terms and conditions of hiring them as well as about their services. Don’t fall for their promises. Make sure that everything is written and signed, and have a copy for yourself for you’ll be needing it for future use.

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