Broken & Damaged Car Transport Services

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Do you need your damaged car transported interstate? We’ll get your broken car transported from door-to-door or depot-to-depot. At Car Transport Express, we are experts in damaged vehicle transport and can work out a customised transportation route for you at the best price on the market. This is because we work with over 30 leading Australian carriers to provide a one-stop service for you. In this way, you won’t be limited to only one provider or to a single predetermined route that might not suit you. Our proprietary software will provide you with flexibility by offering several routes matching your individual needs and time requirements.

Quotes & Pricing to Move Non-Running Cars

It’s easy to get an immediate quote to transport your non-running car interstate. Just enter your origin suburb (or town) and your destination suburb, as well as the car’s make, model and year. It will also ask you if the car is “drivable” or not. Your vehicle is considered drivable if it has a working engine, steering and brakes. It doesn’t need to be registered. The instant quote will provide you with several customised transport routes so that you can select the most convenient one at the right price!

Here are some recent quotes for our most popular route, Melbourne to Brisbane:

Depot to Depot
Depot to Door
Door to Depot
Door to Door
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Transportation of Damaged & Broken Vehicles

It can happen for various reasons. You might drive your car interstate and then have a prang. Or you might have located your perfect project car! Only it’s in Perth, and you live in Sydney (or Melbourne or Brisbane). How do you transport this non-drivable car interstate? Your needs might go beyond the transport of a damaged vehicle. For example, you might be moving interstate with the whole family. Sure, the removalists will handle your furniture. But what about the family cars? And what about the boat/motorcycle/jet ski/caravan? No matter how it happens, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to the transport of a broken car or damaged vehicle interstate, we can tailor your requirements into the best options for your needs. For convenience, you might prefer door-to-door delivery. Or, if budget and time are an issue, we can arrange for depot-to-depot delivery.

Remember, we work with over 30 leading Australian carriers so, even if the car is badly damaged, just let us know. Then we can select the carrier with the specialised equipment to transport your damaged car safely. We really are a one-stop shop. We’ll directly manage your booking with the carriers and follow up with them on your behalf if there’s any delay or problem.

What Locations Do You Offer Damaged Car Transport For?

Because we work with a large selection of leading Australian carriers, we can offer damaged car transport Australia-wide. We service:

  • New South Wales: This includes the Sydney metropolitan area and throughout the state.
  • Victoria: We service all Melbourne suburbs plus a network of smaller depots throughout the state.
  • Brisbane: We have depots servicing all of the major Brisbane suburbs and beyond, as well as the Sunshine and Gold Coast.
  • Perth: This is one of our most highly run and major vehicle transport routes.  We can transport your non-running or damaged car into or out of Perth to your interstate destination.
  • Adelaide: We provide a wide range of services and depots for Adelaide and its surrounding areas.

We also transport damaged vehicles to and from locations such as Warrnambool, Gosford, Cairns, Darwin, Alice Springs, Rockingham and Townsville.
Depending on your needs, we can arrange transport from door-to-door or depot-to-depot. Contact us and ask for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Move Non-Running or Salvage Cars

Transporting your salvage or non-running car is more complicated than moving an operational one because the carrier must use special equipment to load and unload it. Salvage vehicles can be badly damaged and have missing parts, so they often have to be dragged on with winches and cables. It is a concern for many carriers that their own vehicle might be damaged due to sliding while being winched on and off. So, special forklifts might have to be used. That’s why it’s a great idea to include photos of your damaged car when seeking a quote for interstate transport. Then the carriers with the right expertise and equipment can be selected so you’ll have a hassle-free experience!

Types of Vehicles that We Can Assist With

We can help transport your broken or damaged car interstate. Whether your purpose is restoration or to use it for spare parts, we can pick up the damaged vehicle from the auction house, wrecker or private seller and transport it to your door or the nearest depot. And this includes cases when you’ve had an accident while driving your car interstate and wish to bring it home.

Because we work with over 30 leading Australian transport providers, we can safely and efficiently transport your vehicle interstate, and this includes: project and salvage cars, non-running and drivable cars, as well as broken and damaged cars.

Project & Salvage Cars

A project car is an older, used car that is purchased, regardless of its current condition, by a hobbyist with the intention of restoring it to its former glory.

A salvage car is one that is classified as a total loss by the insurance company and can be sent by the insurer to an auction house or wrecker. Sometimes this might be an older car with minor crash damage, but the insurer has written it off anyway because its market value has dropped below the cost of repairing it.

Non-Running & Drivable Cars

A non-running car typically means that it has four wheels but can’t be used in normal operation for one reason or another. This could be due to a broken engine, missing battery, broken fuel tank, etc.

A drivable car is considered to have a working engine, steering and brakes. This is important information for your carrier to know because it means that no special equipment is needed to load it onto their vehicle for transport.

Broken & Damaged Cars

A broken car means that it has broken down and is not operational. This could be due to wear and tear of individual parts or negligence, such as not replacing the oil or transmission fluid.

A damaged car might have sustained hail damage or water damage. Or it could be damaged in a traffic accident. In this case, it could have severe structural damage and only be useful for spare parts. Or it might be repairable for a cost which is less than the car’s market value. If the repair costs exceed the car’s market value, the insurance company will usually write it off.

How Long Does it Take to Transport a Vehicle?

Door-to-door delivery always takes longer than depot-to-depot delivery because it has the additional steps of door-to-depot plus depot-to-door. Obviously, the time frame to transport your damaged car interstate depends on the origin and destination locations. But, as a rule of thumb, the transport of your damaged vehicle from Melbourne to Brisbane, for example, can typically take 3 to 6 business days. And Sydney to Perth usually takes between 8 and 11 business days. And it could take longer if there is flooding and major road works on that route.

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Because we work with over 30 leading Australian carriers, we’ll help you find the best price to transport your damaged car or vehicle interstate. Our proprietary software will provide you with several customised routes, so that you can choose from the fastest, cheapest and most convenient options for your vehicle.
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