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Interstate Car Transport Services is a leading transport specialist who works with over 30 leading Australian carriers bringing you the very best when relocating your vehicle. 

As a reputable, professional business, we understand the stress of relocating vehicles, so that is why we take care of everything for you. From meticulous vehicle reports to tracking your vehicle journey, we leave no stone unturned and offer the best quotes on the market. Okay, so you have more than just a car to relocate? Don’t worry, we will relocate other vehicles too.

As experts, we offer a range of relocation options, and we have a team of specialists based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Remove the stress of vehicle relocation, and let us do it for you!

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How We Can Help You with Your Car Transport

Interstate Car Transport will relocate your vehicle to its intended location safely, on time and in convenient ways that do not bust your budget. We work with over 30 leading Australian carriers, including Autocare, Ceva and Prixcar, so you can feel confident every step of the way.  

With a range of services available, we help you find not only the best route but the right service, which can include door-to-door delivery, open or closed transport or depot-to-depot. Whatever your transport needs, Interstate Car Transport has got you covered.

Car Transport Express is a stress-free, easy and efficient way to get your vehicle from A to B.

Our Interstate Vehicle Transport Services Include

Interstate Car Transport services specialise in the transportation of all vehicles. This means you won’t have the hassle of finding multiple transportation services when you need to relocate your car and your boat.

Various service options are available, and we help you choose the one that’s best for you and your vehicle. We relocate commercial vehicles, 4WDs, classic cars, trailers, caravans, boats, jet skis and motorbikes. Transit protection is also available because we care about your car just as much as you do.

What Locations Do We Offer Interstate Transport For?

Transporting any vehicle from one state to another is time-consuming and stressful. That is why Interstate Car Transport services are available in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. We take care of all your vehicle relocation needs so you can relax and focus on the more important things.

As a reputable business, our customers enjoy working with us because we know what matters to you, and we know what matters when transporting your vehicle.

It goes without saying; we are in this for the long–haul.

Sydney Car Transport

For those wanting to relocate from Sydney, look no further than Interstate Car Transport. As specialists, we know routes like the back of our hand and offer you the best price on the market. The Sydney to Melbourne route is our most popular, although we provide services from Sydney to Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Adelaide Car Transport

Known as the cosmopolitan coastal capital and for its laidback lifestyle, Adelaide is one of the best places to soak up the atmosphere. However, if you are looking to get away, let us take care of your vehicle transportation needs. We offer routes from Adelaide to Sydney, Perth and the Gold Coast.

Brisbane Car Transport

Queensland summers can be some of the best, but can also be some of the worst. With such changeable weather conditions, let us take care of your vehicle and make sure it arrives on time, safely and without costing a fortune. Interstate quotes are updated weekly, offering you affordable prices. We can relocate your vehicle to Cairns, Melbourne and Perth.

Melbourne Car Transport

Navigating your way through Melbourne can be tricky at the best of times, and that’s without the weather. Come rain or shine, Interstate Car Transport wants to make sure you enjoy Melbourne for what it is without having to worry about transportation. Let us take care of your vehicle; we offer affordable car transport from Melbourne to Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin and the Gold Coast.

Perth Car Transport

As the largest state in mainland Australia, long-distance driving does not come without its challenges, especially in extreme heat. Why not look after yourself and your vehicle by allowing us to transport your car safely? As a reliable and trustworthy car relocation specialist, we can arrange car transport from Perth to Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Transport A Car Interstate?

We calculate the distance, and transit availability and customise the route to provide details about the length of transit. This allows you to feel confident your vehicle will arrive safely and as scheduled on a route that suits you. In addition to this, you can track your vehicle as it travels from A to B.

Do I Get Damage Cover When My Car Is Being Moved?

All quotes include details of the cover for any possible damage. Meticulous vehicle reports are conducted at the start and end of the journey, and specialised transport options are available for those who wish to take extra precautions.

What Sized Cars do you transport?

No matter the shape or size, we transport any car. We work with over 30 leading Australian carriers, which means the right carrier will be used to transport your vehicle from one state to another. Feel confident your vehicle is in the hands of professionals who offer a reliable and secure service.

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