Different Types of Auto Transport Carriers You Should Know

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What are the different types of carriers car transport companies have and that you must know about?

When planning to ship your precious car, it is essential to have an idea of what type of carrier will be used to ship your car. It is critical to choose the right carrier for the safety of your car during the shipping. For those who don’t know, there are two types of carrier: the enclosed and open trailers. You can choose any of these carriers. And below are different types of car transport trailers.

Open Type of Car Trailers

This is the standard and commonly used vehicle transport carrier. This is a cheap way of transporting vehicles but it is also prone to outside elements like road debris and sunlight during the shipping.

Single Level Multi-Car Trailer (Open)

This type of carrier is often used for all types of vehicles. This carrier is usually small trucks. One of the major advantages of this small truck is that it can access locations that are not accessible to big trucks. Luxury car owners are often the ones who use this type of carrier. When you want to ship your car within a short period of time, this carrier is the best option you need.

Multi-Level Multi-Car Trailer (Open)

Unlike single level car trailer, these type of carrier can transport more cars. This is the most popular carrier and widely used car transport carrier. When car owners or businesses want to ship multiple cars, this is the best carrier to get. You can always see open carriers like these along the road.

Enclosed Type of Car Trailers

Shipping your car with this type of trailer will always protect your car from outside elements that might damage your precious car. Enclosed carrier completely shields your car and ensures safety during the transport.

Multi-Level Multi-Car Trailer (Enclosed)

This a popular trailer that is widely used by luxury, sports and classic car dealerships and owners. This is to protect their prestige car from getting any damage. If you are planning to ship multiple luxury cars, then this is the best for you.

Single Level Single Car Trailer

Compared to multi-level car trailer, a single level single car trailer is more specialised. It can carry and deliver a car within a short period of time and to short distances. This carrier is popular for carrying high-end cars.

Luxury car owners usually use an enclosed type of car carrier. They want to make sure that their precious cars are delivered safely by a trusted car transport company. If you want to transport your cars, Car Transport Express offers the best car shipping service in Australia!