All You Need To Know About Shipping Multiple Cars

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When it comes to car transfer Australia services, what should you know as customers?

Are you wondering how multiple car shipping works? Technically, it’s as the same as shipping one car for car transfer Australia. Car transport companies offer this service to help consumers lessen their expenses when they transport multiple vehicles. Shippers will always try to fill their carriers to maximise their profit. For car owners who want to ship 2 or more cars, this is the best for them because car shipping companies will sometimes offer discounts when shipping multiple cars.

Open and Enclosed Carriers

To give you an idea of how a car or multiple cars are being transported and delivered to every destination, cars are being shipped by two types of carriers:  the enclosed and open carrier. An enclosed carrier is a way to ship cars safely. It protects cars from all sides during shipping, safeguarding it from bad weather, sun damage and possible road debris. This method of shipping is considered as a premium service and it’s more expensive.

Unlike enclosed shipping, an open carrier is a cheaper and cost-effective option. The reason it’s less expensive is that it can carry more cars than the enclosed carrier. Generally, it can carry 6-12 cars at once while the enclosed can carry 1-2 cars only.

Benefits of Shipping Multiple Cars

If you are planning to ship 2 or more cars, you might consider asking the express transport company discounts regarding the shipping. Companies will give you discounts depending on how many cars will be shipped. Most of the car shipping companies will give you big discounts especially if you avail their services always.

It is essential to choose the right transport company to acquire high-quality service. Every car owner should plan ahead of time before shipping their cars. This will be good for you and for the company to properly communicate and to avoid any possible problems that you might encounter.

Again, you need to consider the type of service that is suitable for your car transfer Australia needs. It will be inconvenient if you don’t choose the right service. A smart car owner will plan ahead to reduce any possible costs and avoid any additional charges during express transport. If you have any concerns and suggestions about transporting multiple cars, you can contact us or drop your message below!