Why Not Always Trust Cheap Car Shipping Through Brokers

car relocation

So you think cheap car relocation is the best choice? Think twice!

People usually consider first the costs when looking for car shipping providers. But this is unnecessary. Given that shipping a car is already costly, opting for cheaper options may only give headaches. Suspicious as they are, you can’t help but wonder why they are giving away their services at lower prices. Might as well do your part in identifying a trustworthy car relocation service provider.

Be wary of dealing with auto transport brokers. There are cases that they will farm your car out to a number of car shippers to find the possible lowest price available, ending up with a non-associated provider. Once the non-refundable deposit has been handed over the broker, they can leave you dealing with potential issues that may occur with the third party. Sometimes, there are no shipping occurred at all.

What usually happens is that what the brokers offer you is a generic quote but actually, there are hidden fees. For you not to become a victim of this scenario, might as well ask the brokers regarding what exactly the quote covers if there is insurance or is it a door to door car transport service.

Also, through brokers, you can get quoted with terminal to terminal services. This is when your car is waiting at a terminal to be picked by your car transport service provider or by yourself. You are then charged a terminal fee or a daily storage fee. The more days your car spends days at the terminal, it will cost you more than what you expected as a cheap option.

Whenever brokers say they will be able to pick up your car in 1-7 days, know that it’s not always the case. Note that transporters can go far below the market value if there’s a single spot to fill in their trailer for it is better for them than proceeding with an empty spot.

Just be careful whenever a broker offers you a quote that is lower than the others, as what the old adage says, “you get what you pay for”, lower quotes mean poor services. Be reminded that your car is at stake and that when you bite with low-quality car relocation services may translate into financial stress.

A piece of advice, you must not always go with the cheapest options. It may seem like you can save more money when opting for cheaper quotes but it’s more hurting if the quality of service is compromised. Do your research before finally settling on a provider.