Top Helpful Tips to Secure and Storage Before Performing a Car Relocation

car relocation

What are best ways to store your car before you have it moved to a new state with car relocation services?

Moving out and travelling to a new location can be a stressful task for you. Not only you need to determine the best company to offer a car relocation service, but you also need to ensure that your car is in perfect condition the moment it arrives on your doorstep. As much as possible, you want your car to be pristine as it was before it got transported. While the car shipping companies will take care of your car, their services have limitations. It’s still possible to damage your car if your storing and handling process isn’t adequate. Here’s how you can store your car properly before your big moving day!

Determine The Items To Pack Inside Your Car

Before you move out, you need to determine which items to pack in your car since it only has limited space than vans. It’s advisable to pack small and light items like your clothing, books, small kitchen items, and electronic devices such as video recorders, computers, and handheld devices. These electronic gadgets have sensitive internal components so they should be handled with utmost care, so shipping it along with your car will help secure it as you move interstate.

Maximise Your Available Space

Cars may have smaller space than vans, but you can still maximise it to put your stuff in. Since you won’t use your car for driving, you can collapse your seats and hatchbacks to maximise your space. The wheels on the back of your hatchback are perfect for storing your backpacks and clothes. You can also stash some of your things in the space on your spare tyre, just as long as it’s not overcrowded.

Protect Fragile and Valuable Items

Fragile items like your clothes, bedsheets, cushioning, jewellery, and other valuable items must be handled with utmost care. For your wet items like shampoo, conditioner, etc., you may opt to use a Ziploc to store them in one place to avoid scattering them. Your jewellery, personal items, and electronic gadgets must be hidden and keep out of sight so that it won’t attract thieves and other lawless elements before transporting your car.

Keep Your Car Balanced

Another factor you need into consideration while storing your item is the fuel price. Why? It’s because overcrowding your car with heavy items will cost you more fuel price to pay. It’s important to keep your car’s balance to maximise fuel efficiency, and your courier won’t have a hard time transporting your car. If your car relocation service can travel your car at a smooth pace, it consumes less petrol and could cover a longer distance in a short time. Thus, lowering your fuel bill and shipping cost.  

Get the Proper Insurance For Your Car and Stuff

No matter how well you organise your stuff and how well-maintained your car, there are still things you cannot control the weather, unexpected road accidents, etc. It’s better to prepare yourself for these unforeseen scenarios so that you won’t be hassled in the future. While car relocation companies already offer insurance for your vehicle, you have to declare the value properly to determine your cost. Aside from your car’s value, you also need to include listing your valuable items to cover your insurance cost. This may mean paying a hefty amount of insurance cost during transportation, but it gives you peace of mind in case something unexpected happened to your car.