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What Our Clients Say

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What When To Book

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How Does It Work?

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Empty Car VS Goods In Car

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Price Options

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How Long Does It Take

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Tracking System

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Unregistered Vehicles

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Modified Vehicles

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Damaged Cars

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Meet The Driver

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Other Machinery

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Cars moved


Ducks saved

We line up all the Ducks to get your vehicle delivered intact, on time, and at the best possible price Australia Wide Car Transport…


To successfully move your car, boat, bike, van, ute or commercial vehicle you need to know that it is going to be safe, securely and expeditiously treated and not left to rust at waypoints on its trip across the huge Australian continent in availing express car transport Australia services.


Move car with the best car transport Australia, Car Transport Express implies that you will get the most convenient, and dependable service at the best price possible. Car transport logistics in Australia is a complicated web of local providers, specialist providers, national providers with limitations on the type and age of vehicle involved, road, rail and inter supplier co-ordination, that can go horribly wrong. Get it right, first time, with Car Transport Express.


We make your Australian car transport a simple, one point of contact experience. Once we have received the requirements of your new express car transport Australia, we go to work and find the right providers in every area, work out the pick up, drop off, number of waypoints required, which car transport across Australia method is most efficient, and given the vehicle you need to be transported, the car transport services that we will match up to make your car transport quote the most efficient, and thus the lowest possible.


Our aim is to make your next vehicle move a Car Transport Express experience. Reliable, price driven, and still safe and trustworthy. Looking to move a private vehicle, company cars, government fleet or even museum and collector cars and bikes, then Car Transport Express is the obvious choice. We will get all the ducks lined up to deliver your car, on time, intact and to the price we quote.

Get an instant online quote or call us at 1300 307 694 to get your car moved.

We line up all the ducks to get your vehicle delivered, intact, on time, and at the best possible price Australia Wide.